Donald Trump speaks during the debate.
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Trump Spent the Debate Repeating One of His Most Disgusting Lies About Immigrants

The goal: win on hate

Donald Trump lied LOT during tonight’s debate. It’s honestly hard to keep track of all of his lies. One that he repeated early on is that all of the job growth we’ve seen under Joe Biden’s presidency has gone to undocumented immigrants.

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The debate started with a question about the economy. There’s a lot to be said about President Biden’s performance at this debate but at leas he took the opportunity to talk about inflation going down, his incredible job growth, and more. Trump, on the other hand, pushed some of his favorite lies about this issue without ANY fact-checking from the moderators.

Trump takes any and every opportunity to attack immigrants and did so multiple times during the debate, spouting lies casting immigrants as violent criminals who live in luxury hotels and take all our jobs. Here Trump weaved together two issues he hopes he will win on in November: the economy and immigration.

Knowing that he doesn’t have facts to back up his economic record, he repeated grandiose false statements, including the lie that under his presidency, the U.S. had the best economy ever. Again, not backed up by any facts! He then repeated a completely made-up talking point that he has repeated: that all of the jobs created under Biden have gone to undocumented immigrants. 

This is unequivocally untrue. He’s been repeating this LIE for a while but really started to push it hard earlier this month, saying at a Nevada rally that “virtually” all of the jobs created under President Biden have gone to what he of course called “illegal aliens.” That this rhetoric is being repeated at the debate solidifies the goal of the Trump campaign: win on hate. Unfortunately, many Americans are more attached to negative rhetoric than facts. Talking about declining inflation rates and job growth and GDP is not as exciting as turning fellow humans into the enemy. Trump is continuing to bank on fear as a winning political strategy.

Lastly, what was disgusting aside from his comments, was the lack of fact-checking from CNN. We knew they weren’t really going to be doing that in the moment, but seeing Trump freely just making stuff up in real time was really disheartening. Muting mics and everything is a good thing and all, but what is the point if Trump can just lie lie lie without any pushback during his allotted time to speak? That makes no sense. When he brought up that jobs lie everyone should have been quick to say um … that is definitely untrue.

Trump does not care about the truth, but the American people should hear that others in our thin Democracy still care about what is true and what isn’t. And it is also important that they know the truth about what Biden has done for the economy. Overall, this moment was one of the worst ones in the debate in my opinion. 

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