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‘His Dark Materials’ Might Return After Season 3. Here’s How

Lyra and Will in key art for 'His Dark Materials'

The first season of His Dark Materials premiered on HBO in November 2019 and quickly became a hit. The new adaption of Philip Pullman’s trilogy has run for three seasons so far, with its third concluding on December 26, 2022 in the U.S. The fantasy drama takes place across multiple worlds and follows a young orphan named Lyra Belacqua (Dafne Keene), who uncovers a kidnapping scheme and dark secrets while searching for her missing best friend—all of which is somehow tied to a mysterious substance called Dust.

Spoilers for the season 3 finale of His Dark Materials below.

Season 3 of His Dark Materials ended on a note of finality. Lyra and Will Parry (Amir Wilson) fulfill their destiny and restore balance to the universe. However, it comes at the cost of sacrificing their love for one another, as they part ways and go back to their respective worlds. The two return home, where they seemingly lead normal lives after their adventures. But on the same day every year, Lyra and Will sit on the same bench in the botanical garden in their respective worlds and reminisce about their time together.

Despite the finality of that ending, there may be more to the future of His Dark Materials.

Will there be a season 4 of His Dark Materials?

Lyra and Will in HBO's His Dark Materials.

Curiosity regarding season 4 of His Dark Materials was sparked by a final tease in the season 3 finale. At the end of the episode, title cards detail the futures of Will and Lyra after they parted ways. Will went on to become a successful surgeon, while Lyra attended St. Sophia’s College in Oxford, where she learned to read the alethiometer. The very last bit of text reveals that the alethiometer would prove helpful in the future when Lyra and her daemon, Pan, went on to have a “further great adventure.”

A further great adventure?! Does that mean Lyra and Pan are coming back for another adventure in His Dark Materials season 4? The answer is … not exactly. His Dark Materials will not return for a fourth season. Since its inception, the series was planned for just three seasons. This makes sense, considering that it’s based on a trilogy of books; His Dark Materials had a season for every book. However, while Lyra won’t be returning in another season, she could return elsewhere.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, His Dark Materials producer Jane Tranter said that the show’s creators are toying with the idea of a spinoff. After all, they do have more material to work with as Pullman is further delving into the world of His Dark Materials with his The Book of Dust trilogy. The first book, La Belle Sauvage, is a prequel to His Dark Materials, while the second book, The Secret Commonwealth, takes place after the events of the initial trilogy. The third novel in the series is currently in development and untitled.

On The Book of Dust trilogy and the possibility of adapting it, Tranter told Radio Times:

La Belle Sauvage has got Lyra as a baby, and gives some of Asriel and Coulter’s backstory, and some of Lyra’s origin story. And The Secret Commonwealth is one of the best books I’ve ever read. I just don’t think there is a better study of depression, in some ways, in a fantasy landscape. It’s the most exciting story but, like everything Philip does, it has many levels to it. And it’s an extraordinary piece … so huge and ambitious. But if anyone ever gave us the opportunity to do it, we’d be there.

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