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‘Fire Force’ Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

All this waiting around for Fire Force season 3 has me hot and bothered.

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I’m sweating harder than Donald Trump’s legal team. Sweating harder than a kid searching for a last minute Halloween costume. Fire Force has lit a fire in me. A conflagration! Hotter than the forests of Canada and California combined! Too soon? Why? The world is gonna end soon enough anyway. The least this no good planet could do for me is give me more anime to drown out the death knells of our climate. Like a frog slowly being boiled in water, I don’t wanna notice anything go wrong until it’s too late.

Not even the Fire Force can turn down the heat on this planet, but I can pretend, can’t I?

What is Fire Force about?

Fire Force is about a world where people do what I’m about to do right now if I have to wait any longer: spontaneously combust. Unlike in real life, where only anime nerds fall victim to such fiery deaths, people of the world of Fire Force explode ALL THE TIME. And they don’t just blow up and that’s that. No, they turn into fire monsters called Infernals which wreak absolute havoc. Imagine this: you’re taking the train on your daily commute into the city and BOOM. The dude next to you EXPLODES and turns into a giant burning monster guy. I would quit my job right there. Assuming I don’t die first.

So how does society solve this problem? That’s the burning question. The answer: the Fire Force. The Fire Force is a team of superpowered firefighters who are responsible for combating Infernals and solving the mystery behind how this menace came to be. No one said fighting fires was easy.

Will season 3 explode onto my TV screen any time soon?

Yes it will! Though “soon” is relative. Season 3 of Fire Force has been officially announced on X (formerly Twitter). Take a gander!

The issue is that no one knows exactly WHEN the new season will arrive. The show’s official Twitter account said that season 3 has been “in production” since May 2022. Over a year later, we still haven’t heard anything concrete. Due to the fact that anime series often have gaps between seasons that last a year-and-a-half to two years, it’s possible that we will see Fire Force sometime in 2024.

After all, it’s possible that the Fire Force season 3 release date will NEVER be announced, and it will simply spontaneously combust onto streaming platforms everywhere without warning. That would be on brand, no?

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