Dorohedoro (2020) cast all striking a pose because this is an anime

We Miss the Delightfully Weird ‘Dorohedoro’

I’m asking because I’m really into lizards.

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It’s not every day that you get an anime that features a big, brolic lizardman who’s the center of the action. It’s hardly fair, considering that lizards provide medical science with a plethora of information! After all, scientists appear to be having a grand old time screwing around with lizard DNA cells (what could possibly go wrong?) Spiderman: No Way Home villain considerations aside, lizards deserve more positive representation in media, and the lizardman Kaiman from Dorohedoro is a step in the right direction … even if he does make questionable moral choices more often than not.

What is Dorohedoro about again?

Dorohedoro is a dark fantasy series that takes place in two separate realms. One of the realms is known as The Sorcerer’s World, and it is inhabited by users of magic. While one might think that The Sorcerer’s World is an idyllic place, it’s actually chock full of assholes. Many of the sorcerers from said realm entertain themselves by traveling to The Hole—a gritty and dilapidated city full of the non-magical—in order to experiment on the populace with various spells and potions. It’s basically as if muggles were subject to animal testing in the world of Harry Potter. But they’re human, so it’s even worse. One unlucky victim of sorcerer douchebaggery is named Kaiman, who finds himself amnesic after this tool of a sorcerer gave him a lizard head. The joke’s on that sorcerer, though, because a side effect of the spell is that Kaiman is now immune to most forms of magic. He also has another dude living inside his head now. It’s weird. But Kaiman decides to team up with his hot martial artist friend Nikaido and hunt down Hole-dwelling sorcerers in order to find the dick who turned him into a lizard man in the first place.

So what’s the haps with season 2?

I hate to break it to you gang, but there aren’t any updates on a potential Dorohedoro second season thus far. It’s been three years. Three long years, and we’ve yet to see any sort of sign from Netflix that they intend to bring the show back. It’s likely that the wait is being caused by Dorohedoro‘s studio MAPPA, who have been hard at work on anime giants like Attack On Titan and Chainsaw Man. It’s possible that we may hear something in the future. After all, it took NINE YEARS to get a second season of the beloved anime Mushi-Shi, and some anime have had to wait even longer than that. We have to pull a page out of Kaiman’s book and hold out hope while counting ourselves lucky that we don’t have reptile heads that need fixing.

(featured image: Netflix)

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