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The Lizard Has a Point in Spider-Man: No Way Home

Dr. Curt Connors as the Lizard in the Amazing Spider-Man growling

Every villain in Spider-Man: No Way Home had a pretty good arc. They each had their issues and worked through them and tried their best to to grapple with the mistakes of their past, and Peter tried to fix them all. And then, there was the Lizard. Dr. Curt Connors turned himself into a lizard while trying to regenerate his missing arm, and it resulted in his idea that everyone should just be lizards instead!

That’s right. All that Dr. Curt Connors did was make comments about everyone being lizards with him, and it weirdly worked. Maybe it’s because he’s figured out the best way to live your life: in a sewer and just trying to make some lizard friends to help the time pass.

The reality, then, was that his entire arc in Spider-Man: No Way Home was Curt just constantly talking about how he could make everyone into lizards and never really expanding past that. Instead, Peter Parker, Peter Parker, and Peter Parker are all just like, “We have to turn him back into Curt Connors” without really hearing him out. If they were all lizards, maybe the world would still remember who Peter Parker is, and we’d just all get to live in the sewers together.

He does have a point though …

Think about it: If we were all lizards, we wouldn’t need to pay rent or taxes. We would all just be lizards together, hanging out. Might be nice!

In reality, the Lizard was turned into a bit of a joke, but also, in a movie with so many villains, when Curt Connors already sort of had himself figured out by the end of The Amazing Spider-Man (and his dedication to making lizard friends), he didn’t really need more of an arc. It weirdly worked, and having him there as comedic relief, talking about makeovers against Electro’s desire for power and the Goblin’s descent into his darker half, was honestly a great, fun time.

So did the Lizard need more of a storyline? No. He needed more jokes about making everyone into lizards and maybe even someone going, “Okay, let’s hear him out,” because it’d be fun to have no responsibilities but lots of lizard friends, if we’re being true to ourselves. Honestly, it would be easier if we were all lizards.

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