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Will Smith Asks Son Not to Ask the President About Aliens; Son Asks About Aliens Anyway

It Came From Outer Space

Now, we all know that Will Smith has save the world from alien invasion with both Tommy Lee Jones and Jeff Goldblum, not to mention saving the old west from a preposterously powered giant mechanical tarantula with Kevin Kline, and we also know that those were movies. Fun movies, but fictional movies.

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But do his kids know that?

Apparently Smith had to sit down with his son Jaden the night before an official visit to the White House, and explain to him that it would not be polite to ask President Obama about the existence of aliens.

He told BBC Radio:

Jaden had said to me, ‘Dad, I gotta ask the president about the aliens,’ and I was like, ‘Dude, no, no, it’s not cool. No, it’s not cool, it’s embarrassing. … Do not ask the president!’

So we get into the Situation Room and Jaden gets the look in his eyes and he leans over and he says, ‘Dad, what’s my punishment?’ … And Barack is starting to talk about this Situation Room and Jaden says, ‘Excuse me, Mr. President?’

Experienced statesman and father himself, Mr. Obama appeared to have anticipated the question.

Barack said, ‘Don’t tell me.’ And in perfect form — like this is why he is the president — he stopped and looked at Jaden and said, ‘The aliens, right? … OK, I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of extraterrestrials but I can tell you if there had been a top secret meeting and if there would have had to have been a discussion about it, it would have taken place in this room.’

It’s probably a good thing Jaden didn’t ask about the giant mechanical tarantulas.

(via Politico.)

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