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Want to Watch ‘Godzilla Minus One’ at Home? Well It Might Not Be Streaming Soon.

Godzilla in Godzilla Minus One

Godzilla Minus One has been the talk of the monster-loving world. Praised for its storytelling ability and its use of our favorite lizard, the film is having its wide release in the United States on December 1 and many fans are excited to see Godzilla take to the big screen once more.

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But some might want to wait until Godzilla Minus One is streaming to experience the magic—that or they want to rewatch the Takashi Yamazaki film again as soon as possible. The thing about streaming Godzilla Minus One at home is that we don’t yet have answers about it—not that we won’t be able to stream the movie; it just isn’t on the radar yet, which means that in the future we could easily have the film out sooner rather than later, or it could be quite some time before we see it streaming.

Why wouldn’t anyone want to head to the theaters this holiday season to see this Yamazaki-directed and written film, bringing his own vision to life, and watch Godzilla destroy a town? I don’t know. Couldn’t be me. I love to watch my favorite chonky boy. Still, it’s up in the air when and where the movie will be streaming.

You can watch older Godzilla movies on streaming now, with many streaming on Max and other platforms. So in theory, you can probably expect a movie like Godzilla Minus One to eventually end up on a streaming platform like that. For now, you can still see Godzilla Minus One in theaters and experience the magic of my favorite chonky boy on the big screen.

(featured image: Toho International)

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