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It’s For Sci — No, No It’s Not: Wicked Paradise Attempts to Cross Uncanny Valley With Porn Video Game

"A porn video game? It can't be done. Histories greatest perverts have tried -- Walt Disney, Larry Flynt, the Japanese -- but they can't do it because of the uncanny valley."



Game developer Jeroen Van den Bosch is attempting to make what he describes as: “an adult version of Heavy Rain but completely designed for virtual reality.”¬†Something about this story enters I’ve-lost-all-faith-in-humanity territory, but it’s hard to determine whether it’s using virtual reality for porn before making a world where we can play with dinosaurs, or that it actually took someone this long to do it.


First publicized screenshot of the game.

Van den Bosch would probably answer the latter. In interviews, he says he always wondered why there were so many FPS games, but not, you know, sexy ones. And apparently it’s his calling to change that, to the relief of many who have, I’m sure, been eagerly awaiting this day. Citing his amazement with the Oculus Rift, which creates an immersive first-person virtual reality experience for the gamer, he is planning to make a series of erotic games. Like some of the best (non-adult) games currently on the market, Van den Bosch notes the importance of storyline, believable characters, and tension…¬†erotic tension.

Currently the game’s story is told from the point of view of a heterosexual man, but Van den Bosch plans to adapt the story to both genders and various sexualities, so I do give them props for being LGBT-friendly. The series of games are still in the early stages, but they’re also sure to hold media attention as they develop.

(via PCGames via Polygon, images via Facebook)

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