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Dylan Mulvaney Is the New Face of Bud Light and Conservatives Are Foaming at the Mouth

I guess the "go woke, go broke" thing isn't really working, huh?

Dylan Mulvaney attends her Day 365 Live! at The Rainbow Room on March 13, 2023 in New York City.

Welcome back to my favorite daily segment on the internet: “What are conservatives pointlessly mad about today?”

It looks like conservatives are subjecting another brand to their cancel culture boycott chopping block: Bud Light. The brand has come under fire in the past few days after influencer and absolute queen Dylan Mulvaney posted to Instagram to inform her fans that she was partnering with Bud Light for March Madness and the fact that the brand sent her cans with her face on it to celebrate her 365 Days of Womanhood.

It was a cute, harmless video from a sweet woman. Who could get mad at that right?


Well, as we should all know by now, conservatives will twist themselves into knots to get mad about something that, no offense to Mulvaney, doesn’t matter at all, despite their constant insistence that we’re “oversensitive snowflakes” who get upset over inconsequential things. Some people are genuinely acting like this brand deal is supposed to be so shocking that it seems like a “parody.”

They’re, of course, talking about how Bud Light, a multi-billion brand, will see a dip in sales next quarter (sure, okay). And how Bud Light “doesn’t know their customer base” while completely ignoring the fact that the brand has been sponsoring Pride floats and merchandise for over 20 years. It’s a tale as old as time, as conservatives won’t cry about things that truly matter like gun control or food shortages, but will go to war about a trans woman getting her bag through a brand deal.

However, amongst this “backlash” is the fact that some right-wing people have taken to destroying or tossing away Bud Light they already bought in some kind of weird protest against the brand. They’ve taken to pouring the beer down the drain or tossing their full boxes in the garbage as part of a boycott. And, best of all, they’ve been describing the beer they’ve seemed to drink for years as “piss water” as they think that’s some kind of own against Bud Light and not something people have been saying for decades, about they beer they’ve been drinking that whole time.

Honestly, conservatives give me a headache on a daily basis because they’re just exhausting people, both personally and politically. But, now and then, they’ll throw a tantrum that’s so undeniably silly and pointless that it can give us all a little chuckle, and it seems another one will be happening soon enough as Mulvaney has announced that she is now a Nike partner while showing off all of the products she was given.

If you’ve been around for a while, you know that conservatives just love canceling Nike again and again and again. So, I personally can’t wait to see them burning their shoes and ripping up their socks again. I’ll never say no to laughing at their absurdity.

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