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Kid Rock’s Bud Light Tantrum Is Beyond Parody

Short answer: it's a sad, pathetic attempt to be relevant again.

Recording artist Kid Rock smokes a cigar and looks on during the NASCAR Cup Series 64th Annual Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway on February 20, 2022 in Daytona Beach, Florida.

After Bud Light announced that transgender TikTok sensation Dylan Mulvaney would be the new face of the brand, conservatives threw a fit. They stormed the internet (or rather “flurried” like the snowflakes they claim to despise) in order to primal scream their discontent from the rooftops of social media. But nobody screamed quite as loud as Kid Rock.

In a recent viral video, a gracelessly aging Kid Rock faces away from the camera to show off his MAGA trucker hat. He then slurs the hair-raising phrase “Grandpa’s feeling a little frisky today” before telling his captive-against-their-will audience he’s about to show exactly what he thinks of Bud Light. He then pulls out an automatic rifle and fires it into a few cases of Bud about thirty feet away, obliterating something that he spent money on in the first place. Then he turns to the camera and says “f*** Bud Light” with all the gravitas of a twelve-year-old testing out a curse word for the first time in his mom’s basement.

And it might just be my current favorite video on the internet.

Why? Because it is so feckless. So out of touch. So cringey that it’s ACTUALLY FUNNY. Kid Rock really thinks that attempting to start a boycott by standing in a field shooting some beers that he ALREADY BOUGHT somehow makes him a badass right wing legend. Oh it’s surely making him infamous already; he’s currently the laughing stock the internet. His little hissy fit has had more cultural impact than anything he has ever done in his entire career, for all the reasons that he DIDN’T INTEND.

He has been tied to the back bumper of the internet and is currently being dragged across all social media platforms. Someone immediately found a picture of him sucking down a Bud Light while sitting with a drag queen. The best part? He’s wearing a Coors hat. His apparent confusion at telling different types of beer apart makes me question whether or not this man has any concept of brand loyalty whatsoever. Or maybe he just can’t read?

Though, I’ve gotta hand it to him: I’m honestly surprised he was able to pick the right beer in the first place. Or maybe whoever made the video with him stopped him before he could pump a case of Miller Highlife full of lead while screaming “F*** YINGLING!” At this rate, nothing would surprise me.

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