Raiden Mei, Herrscher of Thunder from Honkai Impact 3rd on the right. Raiden Shogun, Ei, God of Lightning from Genshin Impact.

Who Is Raiden Mei Yayi In Honkai Star Rail? Explained

If you think this is about the Hercscherr of Thunder from Honkai Impact 3rd, you’re checking the wrong article. For Genshin Impact fans, this is also not about the Raiden Shogun. But it’s not wrong to assume that Raiden Mei, also known as Yayi, is connected in some way to both her Genshin Impact equivalent as well as her Honkai Impact 3rd parallel, even if they’re not the same person.

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Both Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd Raidens have purple hair and control an element related to thunder or lightning. These two Raidens are also great fighters in their respective universes.

Hoyoverse is known for having games that exist in different universes. Welt Yang’s successful crossover from the sea of quanta into the world of Honkai: Star Rail is proof of the complicated and vast world that Hoyoverse has constructed throughout the years.

Yayi, Honkai Star Rail’s version of Raiden Mei, is rumored to also be a five-star character on the path of The Hunt. As expected, she also controls the lightning element in the game and she’s also seen with a sword. What role Yayi plays in Honkai Star Rail is still unknown,

Other than looking like the other Raidens in the previous games, Raiden Mei Yayi is rumored to be a single-target DPS character. Watch out Seele, Blade, and Jingliu, because Raiden Mei might be a great contender for single-target DPS. Yayi’s skill allows her to mark enemies, which increases the effect of her skill three times. Her enhanced skill increases her lightning damage and adds another stack on a marked enemy. Her ultimate, as described in leaks, gives the enemy three Hunt marks and deals attack damage as lightning damage. What role do these Hunt marks play in her kit? According to the leaks, when she has three or more Hunt marks (up to six), her turn does not end and her next attack is enhanced.

She’s almost like Seele but with a different element. Whether or not she lives up to expectations is something that only players would know after she’s released.

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