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Who Is Going to Win UK’s ‘Big Brother’ and the Grand Prize of £100,000?

'Big Brother' sees it all...

Big Brother is back! The UK lost a reality TV staple but ITV has answered our prayers and saved British TV as we know it…or so we thought. Originally Big Brother was canceled by Channel 4 in 2010 and then again by Channel 5 in 2018 due to low ratings. We’re tuning in now not only for nostalgia but all the drama and gossip that follows every single episode.

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Like most viewers, the main reason I love reality TV is the drama—but sometimes it can be painful to see the drama unfold. This new season has made its mark but perhaps for all the wrong reasons. So who will win Big Brother and leave £100,000 richer?

Are we back in high school?

trish on itv's big brother

Despite the varying age ranges within the house, a lot of the housemates have resorted to schoolyard bullying as a tactic. At this point, everyone has been a victim or bully. 

33-year-old mother Trish has been at the forefront of many house controversies and the British public is divided on whether they love or hate Trish. Those housemates who have fallen victim to a battle with Trish have consistently been evicted, including 39-year-old DJ Dylan and 23-year-old security officer Paul, who was called out for being a bully himself.

I personally may not be team Trish but she’s faced her fair share of attacks within the house and she’s spoken out about the bias she’s experienced as a Black woman on the show.

Former Miss Great Britain Noky has also been under fire from her fellow housemates for seemingly floating around between the “factions.” In that clip above, Henry also comments on the “division” between the house’s groups. That’s right, cliques have been formed within the house and we’re right back in high school all over again.

Which housemate will win £100,000?

big brother set

I have my theories on who is set to win Big Brother. Since day one, 25-year-old Yinrun has been a fan-favorite both in and outside of the house. Thanks to her sensitive nature and loveable personality, Yinrun has received immense love from viewers and hasn’t faced eviction once during her time on Big Brother.

Chanelle and Jenkin are facing the public vote later today alongside Olivia, Trish, and Noky—and Trish and Noky seem to be the top contenders for this week’s eviction. 

With the ups and downs of this season, we’re excited to see what will happen during the final of Big Brother next weekend. Perfect timing for ITV’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

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