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A Guide to All Nine Titans in ‘Attack on Titan’

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Attack on Titan is expected to conclude with part 3 of its fourth and final season sometime in 2023. The show first came out in 2013 and is based on the popular manga written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama, who published the final installment of the source material in October 2021. We have yet to see the anime catch up as the latest season ended with Eren kicking off the Rumbling, signaling the ultimate war between Marley and the inhabitants of Paradis Island and his full descent from hero to villain (or “anti-hero,” if we’re feeling generous). And with the significant wait ahead of us, here’s a refresher on the iconic anime’s lore and, at the heart of it all, the nine Titans.

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Ymir Fritz, the First Titan

Ymir Fritz in 'Attack on Titan'
(FUNinmation Studios)

The warring factions of the Eldians and the Marleyans each have their own version and interpretation of history, but both boil down to Ymir Fritz, who obtained the power of the Titans as a young girl and became what would be known as the Founding Titan. When she died 13 years later, the power was then passed to her three daughters (who, as we unfortunately had to witness, quite literally consumed Ymir). Somewhere down the line, the powers were inherited by nine descendants, resulting in a split to ultimately Nine Titans.

Later on, these Nine Titans would conquer Marley and establish the Eldian Empire, with the Titans primarily held and kept in control by various royal families. Eventually, when a certain king named Karl Fritz came into power after inheriting the Founding Titan, he orchestrated a way for his family and the Eldians to atone for what he perceived as their sins—primarily because of his sympathy for the Marleyans. The result was the outbreak of the Great Titan War, which ended with Marley obtaining seven of the Nine Titans that were distributed to loyal Eldians and who would become known as the Warriors. Meanwhile, Karl Fritz moved the rest of the Eldians to what would become known as Paradis Island, wiped their memories, and created the Walls. 

The Eldians and Marleyans’ interpretation of these events primarily differ as to how Ymir got her powers. To the Eldians, she was a goddess under whose eye the land prospered. For the Marleyans, on the other hand, Ymir was deceitful and obtained her powers to enslave them. Regardless of which side you are inclined to believe, in the end there were Nine Titans at stake. Below are their unique abilities and known inheritors. 

The Founding Titan

Throughout the course of the show, we know that the Founding Titan has been held by several members of the Fritz and Reiss families, Grisha Yeager, and (currently) Eren. Being the Founding Titan, it is naturally one of the most powerful of the Nine. Its “Scream” could both control and create new Titans, as well as alter the memories of the Subjects of Ymir. Within the range of its power to create new Titans is the choice to manipulate their size and composition. The catch with the Founding Titan, though, is that only those with royal blood could inherit it—in other words, only someone from the Fritz or Reiss families. The only workaround for someone outside of the said families to inherit the Founding Titan is for them to have physical contact with a Titan who has royal blood.

The Armored Titan

The Armored Titan was inherited by Reiner Braun, and as its name and appearance suggest, its abilities primarily involve hardening its exoskeleton. These plate-like segments of its body offer protection from significant damage and direct hits. The armor also allows the Titan to develop its arms and feet into claws, which can be used to climb. 

The Attack Titan

Eren in his Titan form in 'Attack on Titan'
(FUNimation Studios)

Once held by Eren Kruger and later by Grisha Yeager, the Attack Titan is, of course, among the show’s staples and is now held by Eren. The Attack Titan has always been unique in that it is able to resist King Karl Fritz’s vow to renounce war in its perpetual fight for freedom. Because of this, the Attack Titan allows its inheritors to see into the memories of both the past and future of others who previously held it. In Zeke Yeager’s words, the Attack Titan quite literally has the power to transcend time. 

The Beast Titan

The Beast Titan was once inherited by researcher Tom Ksaver before it was passed down to his mentee, Zeke Yeager. Unlike most Titans, and as its name already hints, the Beast Titan appears animal-like and showcases several animal-like traits. Zeke’s form of the Titan looks mostly like an ape, while Tom Ksaver’s mostly resembled a sheep. Being of royal blood, however, Zeke’s form has several unique abilities that appear to have never functioned for other inheritors of the Beast Titan. For starters, there is the ability to transform Subjects of Ymir into Titans and the ability to exert control over Pure Titans to some extent. These abilities are in addition to his trajectory manipulation and hardening skills. 

The Cart Titan

The Cart Titan is held by Pieck Finger and is known for its unusually high endurance and speed. This allows its holder to stay in transformed mode for longer periods of time and to continuously do so without having to rest. The Cart Titan is also noted for its quadrupedal form, which often makes its users forget how to walk upright—Pieck sometimes has to use crutches after reverting to her human form. 

The Colossus Titan

The Colossus Titan was previously held by Bertolt Hoover before it was transferred to Armin Arlert. Arguably one of the most iconic frames and scenes from the show’s earlier seasons involves this Titan peering into the Walls and letting out some steam, which also happens to be among its primary abilities; the steam it emits gives the effect of a blast furnace. 

The Female Titan

Annie Leonhart in 'Attack on Titan'
(FUNimation Studios)

Annie Leonhart is currently the only known inheritor of the Female Titan (and we love that for her), which possesses the ability to mimic the qualities of the other Titans. Because of this, it inherits abilities much faster than others. The Female Titan can also harden areas of its skin and make use of its scream, which summons other Pure Titans. 

The Jaw Titan

The Jaw Titan has passed hands several times throughout the show’s narrative. There is Marcel Galliard, Ymir (not the founder), Porco Galliard, and (now) Falco. The Jaw Titan is arguably the fastest of the Nine and is best described as a sort of assault unit due to its powerful claws and jaw that can quite literally break anything. 

The War Hammer Titan

The War Hammer Titan was mostly kept by the Tybur family before it was taken by Eren. It has the ability to materialize and create weapons and various structures through its flesh. Examples include spikes, its signature war hammer, and blades. It is also the only Titan that can be controlled remotely. 

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