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Which Actors and Characters Should Be Marvel and DC’s Next Wave of Superheroes?

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Jennifer Walters is She-Hulk

As DC enters a new phase of existence and Marvel begins to expand, both in terms of new characters and onto the Disney+ streaming service, we can expect new heroes to take to the screen. This means it’s time to start daydreaming about which characters we want to see, and who we want to play them. From a She-Hulk series to DC finally doing right by Green Lantern, here are a few of our ideas for future onscreen heroes, and in some cases, who we want to see play them.

John Stewart takes the mantle of Green Lantern in DC.

(image: Warner Bros. Television.)

1. John Boyega as Green Lantern John Stewart

I need John Boyega in a superhero film ASAP, and the Justice League cartoon has me obsessed with Green Lantern, especially the John Stewart iteration. After star-making turns in Attack the Block and Star Wars, Boyega deserves to keep breaking out in a big way. He boasts some serious sci-fi cred, but more importantly, he’s a talented actor.

Though he might want to step away from blockbusters for a bit after Episode IX, he’d be a perfect choice to protect the universe (again) as John Stewart. Plus, a Green Lantern film would see him heading up a fantastic ensemble, and I for one already am dreaming of his chemistry with his co-stars. Please, DC, I’ve defended your choice for so long. Please do this one thing for me.

(image: Marvel Comics)

2. She-Hulk in a series focused on her career as a lawyer

TMS politics editor Vivian Kane suggested She-Hulk getting her own series, focused on her as a lawyer, and that would be a GREAT way to introduce the character to the big or small screen. Law and Order with Jennifer Walters might be best served by a Disney+ series. Imagine a superhero who fights crime by night but who also takes down the bad guys via the legal system by day.

She can contend with pressures both from the superhero world and the sexism of the real world, which would be a balancing act that deserves a female writer and a kickass female star. Who would you like to see pay She-Hulk?

Spider-Woman and Silk are set to star in a female-led Spider-Verse spin off.

(image: Marvel Comics)

3 & 4. Into the Spider-Verse with Spider-Woman and Silk

Since we’ll be diving back into the Spider-Verse with a female Spider-film featuring Spider-Woman and Silk, I already have way too many opinions on the casting process for that. I would love to hear Stephanie Beatriz’s take on the character. Rosa Diaz is basically a superhero on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, so it’s time for Beatriz to be another superhero.

For Silk, I’m not sure who should play her yet, but this could be a great role for an unknown Korean actress to take on. Please, give me the lady Spider film we deserve. I trust Sony to do as incredible a job with Jessica and Cindy as they did with Miles and Gwen.

Donna Troy powers up as Wonder Girl in DC.

(image: DC Comics)

5. Wonder Girl making her movie debut

Ever since I found out about Donna Troy, a.k.a. Wonder Girl, I’ve held out hope she might appear in the third Wonder Woman movie. Conor Leslie does a great job as Donna in Titans, but they might recast the role for a potential film appearance. I would love to see the role go to an actress of color in the film, who teams up with Diana, visits Themiscyra (we need to go back!), and in general kicks ass and opens the door for more Wonder Woman films that don’t necessarily require a Gal Gadot return.

Which heroes do you want to see take to the screen, and who do you want to play them? Let us know in the comments.

(featured image: Marvel Comics)

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