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The Spider-Man Cast Is Back To Set So Where Is My Title, Sony?

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Tom Holland says that he’s in Atlanta. Zendaya touched down in Georgia. Holland shared that he HAS THE SCRIPT for the next Spider-Man movie, so I ask this one simple question: WHERE IS MY TITLE?

I’ll be completely honest with you all: it’s rough going out there trying to find new information in the world of cinematic superheroes. With the exception of The Boys and the never-ending cycle of who is getting randomly added to the Snyder Cut, the news is pretty much “We don’t know what’s happening with this production yet because there’s a pandemic.” I understand this, but I just need a little something so I can wildly theorize for the next few weeks. And you know what would fill that void? A title for the next Tom Holland Spider-Man movie.

I have my ideas. But I want some kind of confirmation because, right now, it’s just a lot of “well, let’s wait” and I’m tired.

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So, in the meantime, I’m going to come up with some solutions that I think would make great titles and explain why. Sony/Marvel, I am available for any follow-up work you might need and will probably do it for free.

Now, let’s recall that “home” has been a part of all the Tom Holland Spider-Man film titles to date, and we’re off.

Spider-Man: Home Grown

For the most part, we haven’t really seen Peter Parker in New York. Sure, Homecoming had him return to the city from his Avengers fight in Germany, but it wasn’t the New York Spider-Man we’ve come to know throughout the years. If my theory about Doctor Strange putting Peter Parker in all different universes to keep him safe from Kraven the Hunter is correct, then I think “Home Grown” could work as a title because he could explore all different versions of the city (which would also feed into the Spider-Verse idea as well).

Spider-Man: Home Away From Home

The last we saw of Peter Parker, he was outed as Spider-Man and blamed for the death of Quentin Beck because of a lie. We don’t know where he’ll end up or what will happen to him, but I think it’s safe to say that Peter Parker will actually not be in New York City. So, I think a way this title could work is just Peter trying to make the most of it somewhere else.

I don’t necessarily think this is the BEST choice because we did just have a movie where Peter was off somewhere other than New York, but who is to say where they’re going to take the character now that he’s a fugitive?

Spider-Man: Homeward Bound

I feel deep in my soul that this movie is, mainly, going to be about setting the record straight and clearing Peter’s name. (Which is why a popular theory is that Matt Murdock could show up to be Peter’s lawyer.) But if the title is something like this, it could mean that Peter fighting to go home is the focal point of the movie. And I wouldn’t really be mad about that. Also he could have some cute talking animal companions.

Spider-Man: Homesick

Much in the same vein of Home Away From Home, I think that Homesick could work and be different in tone. It doesn’t necessarily imply that Peter Parker isn’t in New York. He could be in the city but cannot return to his old life for fear of being recognized or discovered. If I have learned anything from the Defenders, it’s that you can hide out in New York City for a while without being caught.

So this could work and have a commentary on the people in Peter’s life that are now in danger because of Beck (like Aunt May and MJ and even Happy, to an extent).

But then finally, my actual choice and the one I really want:

Spider-Man: Can’t Go Home Again

I’m obsessed with the idea of Peter having to hide away in different realms or universes because I feel like this is the movie that would bring in Kraven the Hunter. With Kraven determined to hunt him down, there isn’t anywhere safe for Peter to go. Not just in New York either, in the entire world. So taking him to a different universe and letting him hide there, he would feel like he couldn’t go home again.

This title is different than my idea for Homegrown because Can’t Go Home Again implies that Peter thinks he won’t ever be able to return to the life he knew or the people he loves. He’d be forever on the run because of something that Mysterio did and as much as I want my sweet boy to just live his life for once, I kind of wouldn’t be mad about watching this emotional turmoil.


Whatever the actual title is, I’ll take it. I’d love it. And I just want SOMETHING NEW TO THINK AND THEORIZE ABOUT PLEASE.

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