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How To Mainline HBO’s ‘Succession’ Before the Season 4 Premiere

“He’s selling me things I want at a fair price? So what’s next, fellatio?” – Logan Roy

Who’s excited for the season 4 premiere of HBO’s Succession? I know I am! “Rich White People Doing Rich White People S—t” is one of my favorite genres of television.

I slept on Succession for a long time. It was one of those shows that kept racking up awards and that people kept telling me I needed to watch. Eventually, I got worn down and watched the first three seasons in about two weeks last month.

Season 4 premieres Sunday, March 26. Whether you haven’t yet watched the show or you need to refresh your memory before the new season, you have a couple of days to rectify that.

Go right to the source

Brian Cox as logan roy on HBO's 'Succession.' He's an old, white man with white hair with a receding hairline, and a white goatee. He's wearing a black, pinstripe suit, with a purple-striped buttondown shirt and a blue tie with a white criss-cross pattern on it. He's wearing sunglasses while standing in a newsroom. We see him from the chest up.

If you have cable, HBO is a worthwhile addition, and not only for Succession. Despite the company drama, HBO’s producing some of the best shows out there—from The Last of Us to The White Lotus, and yes, Succession.

If you’re a cord cutter, like me, subscribing to HBO Max is your best bet. HBO Max is a separate experience than the main HBO channel, but it gives you access to all HBO Original programming. You can subscribe to the HBO Max app through several platforms and on any device. Already have Hulu or Amazon Prime? You can get the HBO Max add-on. Have a service like Apple TV or Roku? The app is available there, too.

Then, whether you’re watching on a tablet, TV, laptop, or phone, you can catch up on Succession no matter where you are!

Is Succession on Netflix?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is nope. Succession is not available to stream on Netflix in the U.S. because it’s an HBO series, which means you can only watch it with an HBO subscription or through one of the following methods.

Not sure you wanna spend money?

Image of Nicholas Braun as Greg Hirsch on HBO's 'Succession.' He is standing in a door at logan's apartment waving at the rest of the family. He's a tall, young, white man with short, shaggy hair and side bangs. He's wearing a green jacket over a dark blazer and a light blue buttondown with the collar button open. He's holding a bundle with one hand and waving with the other. He's surrounded by other family members who are slightly out of focus in the shot.

If you’re trying not to pay for yet another streaming service, you can still sample Succession to see if you want more. If you go to, you can check out the first episode of Succession for free, as well as a limited selection of free episodes from other HBO and HBO Max shows!

Hell, you might get so caught up in sampling shows that you don’t even get to Succession season 4 for a while. That’s okay. It’ll be there when you get back.

Have money to burn?

Image of Jeremy Strong as Kendall, Sarah Snook as Sibohan, and Kieran Culkin as Roman on HBO's 'Succession.' They are standing in an upscale home. Kendall has his hands in his pockets, and is wearing a black baseball cap, a grey fleece jacket over a black shirt, and jeans. Shiv's chin-length, red hair is parted on the side, and she's wearing a light brown blazer over a dark brown shirt and light brown linen pants. Her hands are clasped together, and she wears a large wedding ring. Roman is wearing a short-sleeved, periwinkle buttondown with the collar button open, and light blue pants with a dark belt. He has one hand on his hip.

If you don’t mind purchasing your TV a la carte, you can watch Succession without subscribing to anything. Head over to Amazon Prime Video or the iTunes Store to purchase individual episodes or full seasons digitally. If you don’t necessarily want to purchase a whole season, Amazon offers episodes for $3.99 each—but it’s more cost-effective to buy a full season for $27.99. The iTunes Store only offers full seasons for purchase at $34.99 each.

And then, of course, there’s buying each season on DVD or Blu-ray. You’d pay $17-18 per season on DVD, or $26-27 on Blu-ray.

I can hear you chuckling through the screen, but I absolutely feel validated in this choice. Especially when it comes to purchasing shows or films that you know you’re going to watch again and again.

My friends always make some joke about how old-school my wife and I are when they see all the Blu-Rays and DVDs we have (we play them on our gaming consoles).

Then, their favorite show or film is inevitably pulled off the streaming site it was on, or there’s an internet outage, and they don’t have access to streaming. Suddenly, Teresa and her hard copies of content are there to save the day! All I have to say is, if you pay to “own” a digital copy of something, it isn’t truly yours if you can’t download it and it can be taken from you at a company’s discretion.

So, wiIl you be catching up on Succession this week? Where are you in your Succession journey? Inquiring minds want to know!

(featured image: HBO)

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