When is ‘Haikyuu!!’ Season 5 Coming Out?

Okay listen, whenever y’all ask me about upcoming anime I usually don’t have an answer. Wanna know when Black Clover comes out? I dunno. What about Fire Force? The details are fuzzy. But it’s not my fault, anime studios are inconstant as the moon, fickle as the breeze, ever-changing as the tides. They’re like finding out that your best friend believes in lizard people. You think you know someone then BAM they throw you for a curveball.

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But that’s not the case here…

Denizens of the Internet, I am proud to announce that I have consulted with the Oracles of The World Wide Web, and they have given me succor. Yet as is often true of the internet, their answer is somewhat of a mixed bag…

There will not be a Season 5 of Haikyu!!. HOWEVER. There will be a TWO PART MOVIE called Haikyu!! Final. To tell you the truth, I don’t know if it will be dope or not. They’re gonna have to cut a chunk out of the story in order to fit into the movies, unless of course each movie is styled after The Irishman and the whole shebang is eight hours long. Something tells me that isn’t likely though. Those poor animators would probably die of acute carpal tunnel syndrome.

As for when the movies are to be released, I still have no idea. I’m going to consult again with the oracles soon, and this time I shall offer them a sacrifice of a fattened electric sheep that I plucked straight from an android’s dream. Perhaps then they will reward me with a straight answer.

Featured image credit: Production I.G.

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