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What’s the Truth Behind Feud Rumors Between Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Hannah From ‘Girls’?

rumors of a feud between sabrina and hannah

Melissa Joan Heart has addressed rumors of a feud between herself and writer, actress, director, and Black Twitter nemesis Lena Dunham.

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After receiving an email from Deuxmoi about there being a feud, the ’90s actress shared her thoughts and confusion about where this came from on Instagram. The email claimed that “MJH has it out for Lena Dunham” because of a dinner part fight “about child drag queens” and that “Melissa has a knack for alienating people in her life” with her viewpoint.

Clarissa explained it all, saying what we all thought: “I’m truly confused.” She went on to say, “We have no ‘beef,’ and as far as I remember we haven’t even had the pleasure of meeting let alone having enough of a relationship to warrant any time to discuss drag queens.”

Hart told Entertainment Tonight that she addressed the rumors because it was just so bizarre to have appeared with no reason.

“I don’t even think I’ve ever met Lena Dunham, and somehow, my friends have been telling me there is a feud between us, and I got so many texts about it that I was like, I think I have to say something about this, I don’t know if a lot of people know this whole thing,” Hart told ET. “But then I went down deep, dark rabbit hole, I decided to join Reddit, and that was a mistake. I looked at what people were saying about me, and I was like gags — I had to take a break. I had to step away because, apparently, I don’t even understand it.”

She added, “It’s rare that I find that hate. I don’t seek it out, but I certainly did recently, just to see if there was there something that I did say. Why would I say something about it? I’ve never mentioned her, I’ve never crossed paths with her. So, it’s just bizarre how social media or the media, in general, can just take something and spin it out.”

As someone who is sometimes too online, I was certainly confused about this whole thing. But one thing is true: Social media can indeed make up rumors that people will retweet and like without doing any due diligence about it. In the case of Sabrina vs. Hannah, the sakes are low, but it doesn’t erase that, especially for women and other marginalized genders, it is very easy for people to say whatever they want without pushback.

Plus, with the threat that Ryan Murphy could adapt any potential feud into a miniseries for FX, I’d want to quash it sooner rather than later.

(via CNN, featured image: ABC)

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