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WWYAHD: What Would [Insert Young Adult Heroine] Do?

Allow Us To Explain

Have you ever had to make a life decision and thought, “What would Katniss do?” Or perhaps, “What would Anne of Green Gables do?” I think it’s safe to assume our audience has placed their favorite young adult heroine in their shoes at least once or twice but now, the folks over at Book Riot have put together some handy diagrams showing us what some of the most popular YA heroines would do if they had to…DUN DUN DUN! Pay their rent. Click ahead to see where their priorities lie. 

So, what would Katniss do when it came time to pay her landlord?

And what would Hermione Granger do in the same situation?

I’d like to think Hermione’s answer would always be “book” but they already did a great redundant joke with Katniss. Head on over to Book Riot to check out the rest, including one we specifically left off The Mary Sue so we wouldn’t have to listen to the arguments in the comment section. Hint: her name rhymes with “fella.”

(via Book Riot)

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