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‘Yellowjackets’ Is One of the Most Talked About Shows On TV, But What Exactly Is It About?

If you spend time on any social media platform during the week, then there’s no doubt that you’re constantly hearing about certain shows. Sometimes it’s good buzz and, other times, it’s not so great. However, where Yellowjackets is concerned, folks are buzzing in the best possible ways.

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Yellowjackets has garnered a lot of acclaim for its cast’s stellar performances and how well the show is written. It’s not everyday that we get a TV series that focuses on the complexities of young women, who aren’t just white and straight, and is the perfect blend of horror, coming-of-age, and psychological drama. But, what exactly is Yellowjackets about? Does the series just focus on cannibalism in the Canadian wilderness? I suppose you’re about to find out.

What is the plot of Yellowjackets?

Half of the plot of Yellowjackets is set in the 1996 where a New Jersey girl’s soccer team ends up in a plane crash and are literally stuck in the Canadian wilderness for over a year. And the second half of plot follows the lives of the survivors in their adulthood 25 years later in 2021 and shows how they are still grappling with the events that happened in the forest.

The chances of surviving a plane crash and being stuck in a forest as a teenager are so slim and the show does a great job exploring the situation in a mostly accurate capacity. However, it’s important to note that Yellowjackets isn’t merely a series that focuses on trying to survive in freezing cold weather. There’s a supernatural element that’s are becoming more apparent in Season 2 and the survivors are struggling more than ever. I mean, who wouldn’t be after surviving a horrible ordeal that had you engaging in cannibalism and cult behavior?

Call me Jamie Lee Curtis, but the series is also about trauma at the end of the day and how trauma is hard to sort through even as an adult. I highly recommend watching Yellowjackets if you’re interested in seeing a diverse group of young women go through the worst scenario possible and how those horrific events changed their lives forever.

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