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Don’t Be Fooled By the Word ‘Documentary’—’Died Suddenly’ Is Just Another Conspiracy Movie

We're using 'documentary' in the loosest possible term here

Anti-vaccine campaigners are promting a new film, Died Suddenly, that claims to tell the truth about the vaccines. On the same website as they promote the film, they are also calling for more stories that corroborate the so-called danger of vaccines.

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Although the movie has been trending on Twitter on and off around the world this week, medical experts, like virologist Dr Angela Rasmussen, have been quick to condemn the ‘documentary’ as far from a factual account.

Here’s a look at what Died Suddenly actually is and why it’s caught the eye of so many.

What is the Died Suddenly documentary?

Premiering exlcusively on Twitter on Monday November 21, the trailer claims to “present the truth about the greatest ongoing mass genocide in human history”. However, what it actually contains is a lot of anecdotal and unproven stories about how the Covid-19 vaccines were really a conspiracy from the societal elite to kill of large swathes of the population.

It quickly becomes clear that this is anti-vax propaganda, as Dr Rasmussen pointed out above. For over an hour, Died Suddenly puts forward unfounded claims that people died soon after taking the vaccine, without being able to point to any medical data or specific cases where this has been proven to be the case.

Any ‘expert’ seen in the film is left anonymous and identifiable, meaning it’s impossible to verify any of the wild claims. We could go on digging into exactly how many flaws in documentary-making exist in Died Suddenly, but you get the picture.

Forbes also points out that much of the ‘buzz’ around Died Suddenly stems from anonymous and unverified accounts on Twitter, perhaps capitalizing on the slow death that the platform is experiencing right now to spread the misinformation. Then again, Twitter was never the best at preventing these kinds of messages from spreading in the first place.

Why isn’t Died Suddenly on Netflix?

When a movie is only available on Twitter, it’s rarely a good sign. Above, we said that Died Suddenly premiered but what actually happened was that it became available to stream via Twitter. Not the most reputable of entertainment hosting platforms.

Presumably, the creators of the movie didn’t have the budget or backing to actually get their ground-breaking expose onto Netflix or any other of the usual platforms. In fact, creator Stew Peters has a long history of making unfounded conspiracy theory claims about Covid-19, like when Spotify removed his show from its platform after he called vacciens a “military bio-weapon”, accordign to the Daily Beast.

So that no one else wastes their time on Peters’ farce of a documentary, there is no evidence to back up his claims and—therefore—no reason to watch Died Suddenly or give it anymore promo than it’s already managed to scrounge up.

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