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What Exactly Would a ‘Passion of the Christ’ Sequel Be? Jesus Died, My Guys

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So remember that movie The Passion of the Christ that Mel Gibson directed back in 2004 about Jesus’ crucifixion? Well, a sequel is now in the works. Called The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection, the movie, I assume, takes place after Jesus came back and said, “Just kidding!” and Easter was born.

As someone who grew up with very Catholic grandparents, and then parents who really did not care either way (I went to Bible camp over the summer simply because it was free babysitting and it was nearby. I learned nothing), these movies are baffling. Mostly in the sense that we already know what happened, and frankly, back in 2004, I simply thought a runtime over two hours was just too long for such nonsense.

Given the fact that we know Jesus died and then came back three days later, I didn’t expect to see a sequel, but one is reportedly in the works with Mel Gibson, a man now known more for his antisemitism than his work, returning to direct. Personally, I don’t think an antisemite should tell the story of Jesus Christ, a Jewish man. But that’s just me!

Jim Caviezel is still Jesus, so Jesus believes in QAnon?

This whole movie at this point sounds like a bad game of MadLibs. Not only is Mel Gibson someone who has said horrific things about Jewish people in the past (and was notably called out by Winona Ryder for it), but Caviezel went through a phase where he blamed everyone but himself for being outcast from Hollywood. The Passion of the Christ, which was criticized as an antisemitic work, made money with the religious crowd, but Caviezel wasn’t really someone people wanted to work with after it was released.

And for good reason. The movie and Caviezel’s connection to Gibson were all people needed to know about him! But it has also led to Caviezel getting really into QAnon?

So … Jesus died? I don’t know what this sequel could be

The reality is that Jesus died for our sins, right? Then three days later, he came back and now we celebrate Easter because of it. I always saw it as a fun reason to get a bunch of chocolate, but my Catholic grandmother is probably rolling in her grave knowing that I am yet again making fun of organized religion. Sorry, but Jesus’ birthday was in the summer! Christmas makes no sense!

But we know the story. He rose from the dead, taught some people things, then died in a much warmer temperature at the end of May. So is this movie just going to be Jesus going around teaching some lessons? Like, what do you even tell with this?

I just hope that this is how the movie starts:

Emma Roberts saying surprise, bitch in american horror story

This is a bad idea! It’s not good! Who wants to see this other than the MAGA Christians who just really LOVE Jesus? And I don’t know, but it was a bad idea back in 2004 to have a man who made antisemitic statements directing a movie about a Jewish man, and it’s a bad idea now!

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