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What Do Arvel Skeen’s Sweet Tats Mean in ‘Andor’?

Why is Arvel Skeen yatted up?

Somebody please explain my man’s ink?

Why is Arvel Skeen yatted up?

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What do his tattoos mean? Are they some sort of obscure anime reference that not even I am aware of? Maybe he did a stint in a penitentiary on Corsuscant? Maybe he was in a ice-road biker gang on Hoth? Or perhaps he was on Tatooine and something about the planet’s name made him in the mood for some ink?

Those are good guesses. Some of them are kinda right?

Cassian Andor points out that Arvel Skeen’s chest tat means he has likely done some time behind bars. It may very well have been on Tatooine, as prisoners who served time on the planet were identified with barcodes. What exactly he was arrested for, that we do not know. Judging my Mr. Skeen’s less than friendly demeanor, it could have been anything from some tasteful arson to straight up murder. Cassian also notices that Arvel has Aurabesh letters tattooed over the barcode. He translates these letters as “Kyrat Head.” This could be a reference to the Tuskan Raiders, who are said to be possession of the head of a Kyrat Dragon, one of the most dangerous animals on Tatooine.

As for the symbol on Arvel’s arm, Cassian interprets it to mean “by the hand.” It hasn’t been revealed what exactly “by the hand” means. It could possibly be a reference to the Hand of Thraw, which was a fortress built on Nirauan by the Empire of the Hand that literally looked … like a hand.

Or it just means its the arm he jerks off with? Pleasure “by the hand?” We might find out someday. But now I’m not sure if I want to.

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