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Deeply Weird Ad for Nokia’s Pink Smartphone

what is this I don't even


Nokia N8 Pink – Freedom from David Wilson Creative on Vimeo.

So, Nokia isn’t even being subtle about marketing the N8 Pink (a, what else, pink version of its N8 smart phone) to ladies. And only ladies, judging by the way their official post unveiling the pink N8 phone suggests that you use the “Little Pink Diva” theme and the “Pink Neon Clock” to make your menus match, and reminds you to download the ELLE fashion app.

I would have loved to sit in on the development meeting for this one. “So, everybody likes that our phone comes in different colors (suck it, Apple) so we’ll make a pink phone. For the ladies.”

“What do laides like? DOLLS. Dolls, freakishly contorting themselves and wearing bras made of our cellphone. Our device will stand in for boobs, and the dolls will stand in for ladies! Oh, and add some dancing disembodied limbs just to iron in the idea of women as little more than sets of discrete fleshy objects that we don’t quite understand.”

I don’t want to knock the animators, though, that is some seriously freaky stuff put together by people who know what they’re doing and probably (hopefully) got paid pretty well to do it. The unexpected reference to Dali’s Temptation of St. Anthony was a delight, but this is a terrible cellphone commercial.

(via Gizmodo.)

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