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Here are 5 Screenshots We Didn’t Use on that Bobak Ferdowsi Post

Sometimes grabbing a good still from a video is hard. Other times it's loads of fun.

Bobak 1

I just wrote a post about a video Bobak Ferdowsi did to encourage young people to pursue engineering. The video, and Ferdowsi, are really inspiring. That said, when I went to grab a still from the video to use as a cover image I kept finding silly faces. Take a look.

First, here’s the video these are pulled from:

Again, it’s very inspiring and if you’re a young person in school you should really consider engineering as a future. The world needs you. Ferdowsi himself is also really inspiring, and we here at the site have nothing but the utmost respect for him and all the work he’s done in the space program.

Here’s a bunch of weird pictures of his face.

[geekovision id=274]

I know you can do this with almost any video of anyone, but these stood out at me because they were the first ones I scrubbed to in the video. Despite the silly faces, I think we can all agree that Bobak is an objectively handsome man, and a great engineer.

(via StayWithIt)

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