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‘We Have a Ghost’ Starring David Harbour Promises Spooky, Madcap Fun

Ernest (David Harbour) sticks his head out the window of a red car in We Have a Ghost.

Netflix has announced a new horror comedy dropping in February: We Have a Ghost, starring David Harbour as a hapless spirit trapped in a family’s new home. What is We Have a Ghost about? When can you watch it? Here’s everything you need to know!

What’s the plot of We Have a Ghost?

Here’s Netflix’s official description of We Have a Ghost:

Finding a ghost named Ernest haunting their new home turns Kevin’s family into overnight social media sensations. But when Kevin and Ernest go rogue to investigate the mystery of Ernest’s past, they become a target of the CIA.

Judging from the trailer—more on that below—We Have a Ghost is going to be a mix of spooky shenanigans and commentary on social media. The format seems to be your standard haunted house fair, in which a family moves in to an atmospheric home only to find that it’s already inhabited by a ghost. However, David Harbour’s gift for comedy, coupled with everyone’s obsession with monetizing their lives through social media, puts a great spin on the formula.

Complicating things will be a psychic who wants in on the attention, and a team of evil CIA ghost hunters. For some reason, Ernest can’t talk, so it’s up to Kevin to piece together what happened to him.

Who’s in We Have a Ghost?

The cast of We Have a Ghost is incredible. David Harbour (Violent Night, Stranger Things) is, of course, the ghost Ernest. Anthony Mackie (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier) plays the father of the family, while Jahi Di’Allo Winston (The Violent Heart) plays his son Kevin and Erica Ash (In Contempt) plays his wife. Jennifer Coolidge (The White Lotus) plays the TV psychic, and Tig Notaro (Tig Notaro: Drawn) plays the CIA ghost hunter. Isabella Russo (Law & Order) plays Kevin’s friend and partner in crime.

The We Have a Ghost trailer

The trailer for We Have a Ghost highlights the movie’s comedy and mayhem, with Kevin’s family moving into what the locals call “the house of death” only to find that Ernest isn’t at all good at scaring people. It also shows off how the family’s plan to get rich off of Ernest backfires, with crowds mobbing their home and the CIA showing up with futuristic weapons.

When does We Have a Ghost come out?

We Have a Ghost comes out on Netflix on February 24, 2023. It drops at midnight PST, which is a VERY SPOOKY release time! Here’s to some haunted fun!

(featured image: Netflix)

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