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New and Improved Songs to Sing to Time Your Coronavirus Hand Washing

The cool kids wash their hands.


Hello, my dirty children! News of the coronavirus can be scary, but it’s always important to remember to wash your hands and not be filthy animals. While the virus is indeed dangerous, your chance of catching it—or spreading it to someone else!—can at least be reduced with some simple precautions, including washing your hands.

For some reason, we live in a world where people don’t want to wash their hands. Why? I don’t know; maybe they were never taught that washing your hands is an important aspect of life? It’s truly baffling. It’s not that hard. You use hot water, soap, and sing a little song. It’s great.

There are even options if you don’t like water, like hand sanitizer, but even that seems hard for people, so if you want some tips on what to do to make your hand-washing journey fun, Twitter has some options!

The famous way of washing your hands for the right amount of time is to sing Happy Birthday or the ABCs twice, mainly because that’s what we tell children, but since we’re dealing with adults not liking to be clean, we have some other fun options for songs to sing so that you’re clean and don’t spread diseases to those of us who do like to be cleanly.

Or my own personal favorite below:

Here is our own handwashing tip:

Our very own Dan Van Winkle suggested singing a single verse of “Yakko’s World” from Animaniacs. The song has four, and if you rotate which one you sing each time, you can learn the whole thing and make your hand washing educational!

Anyway … be safe out there, clean kids.

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