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Warner Bros. Reportedly Wants Batfleck for a New Bat-Trilogy After Seeing Him in Batman v Superman

Batfleck Beyond.


Ben Affleck’s performance as Batman in Batman v Superman was allegedly so stirring that Warner Bros. already wants to shape DC’s film universe around him and crank out three more Bat-films. Or at least that’s what they want people to think.

Den of Geek claims that at a private screening of an early cut of the upcoming superhero crossover flick, Warner Bros. execs loved Affleck as Batman so much that he got a “standing ovation.” So, a far cry how basically the entire Internet expected his turn as the caped crusader to go.

Of course, this is all based on “anonymous sources,” but it’s a Friday in August and nothing else is happening (except a circus of a debate we’d rather not get too much further into), so let’s speculate wildly! Warner is apparently now interested in going full Spider-Man and giving Affleck a brand new trilogy of Batman films instead of just the already-known standalone film.

So after The Batman, where will this new trilogy go to separate itself from the well-trodden ground of the Batman canon? (I’ll wait for the laughter at the idea they’d worry themselves about covering new ground in a superhero reboot to die down.) Will Matt Damon play Robin? (Batfleck and Damin?) Will Batman finally get three consecutive good movies? Will Ben Affleck continue to play Batman so far beyond his BvS appearance that we’ll eventually get … Batfleck Beyond when he’s super old?


You know, after all that Internet outrage.

Do they hope everyone forgot about Affleck’s intro in the Mallrats opening credits? (Probably)

Only time will tell.

(via Uproxx)

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