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Transcendence Is Shaping Up to Be a Nerd’s Dream Come True

Cautiously Optimistic

There’s not much info out there on the upcoming big-budget sci-fi film Transcendence, the directorial debut of frequent Christopher Nolan collaborator Wally Pfister. That’s not surprising, really, given it’s being executive produced by Nolan, who’s famously tight-lipped about his own projects. It’s like he and Pfister, who’s shot every one of Nolan’s films since 2000’s Memento, have a bro code of secrecy. But while Nolan or Pfister probably won’t give too much away any time soon—except that it’s about “a man who creates a computer that develops a malevolent awareness“—some bits of casting news have come out over the past few days that have been enough to make my nerd heart grow three sizes.

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The film will have three leads, one of whom, a guy who gets sucked into the evil computer, will be played by Johnny Depp. While my first reaction to the news was a hearty meh (sorry, Deppheads), on second thought it could be neat to see him do a genre film not directed by Tim Burton.

And now the Los Angeles Times is reporting that Christian Bale is “in Pfister’s sights” for another role, though whether he’d play the second male lead (a role that James McAvoy and Tobey Maguire are also reportedly up for) or someone else is unclear. Meanwhile, Noomi Rapace is said to be Pfister’s choice for the female lead, and Christoph Waltz has been offered a supporting role.

None of this casting information is set—even Depp is still in negotiations—and who knows what’ll happen before Pfister starts shooting next year. Plus, it’s not like an awesome cast necessarily means the film will be good (looking at you, Prometheus). But I for one am getting excited about this one. Somewhat against my will, might I add. The Hobbit trilogy, Gravity, Pacific Rim, Transcendence… I’m reaching critical mass on blockbuster sci-fi/fantasy movies to obsess over.

So. A Christopher Nolan-produced, Johnny Depp-starring big-budget, 2001-esque sci-fi movie, possibly also starring some combination of Christian Bale, Noomi Rapace, Christoph Waltz, James McAvoy and/or Tobey Maguire. Your thoughts?

(via: /Film)

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