Loki and Mobius in Disney+'s Loki.

Wait, WILL We Ever See Mobius and Loki Together Again?

The end of Loki seemingly set Loki (Tom Hiddleston) on a path of loneliness. What we continue to hear is that it might stay that way for a while, at least where Mobius (Owen Wilson) is concerned. Why? Why do you have to hurt me in this way?

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Producer Kevin Wright spoke with Marvel.com about the two (after writer Eric Martin had also addressed the question in the past) and talked about how the two were seemingly done with each other. For me, this seems like a for now situation, but that’s just my hopeful self constantly wishing for more from my favorites.

“I think structurally, we felt as soon as Loki gets back into the Temporal Core control room, the story’s got to pick up, and you’re going to move into this fully different thing,” Wright said about their final moments. “There’s no time to stop down and have that sort of goodbye with Mobius. When you start talking about, OK, we need to carve out some way that we can get somewhere and have a goodbye with Mobius. And Mobius doesn’t know it’s a goodbye. Literally, in his timeline, he’s just meeting this guy. But to Loki, this is goodbye.”

Is that the end? Will they never get to see each other, eat pie, and share their feelings once again? Well, this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Every time something is set in stone and finished and done with, we see a change in the wind. So I won’t be holding my breath that this is the end of all things for my hope that Loki and Mobius can see each other again, because I just think that there is more to Loki’s relationships with all the characters he met through the TVA.

Never say never …

Mobius and Loki at the Chicago World's Fair.

At this point, yes it makes sense that Loki and Mobius wouldn’t see each other again. It makes sense that this would be a goodbye between the two. But we don’t know what the future holds for this friendship, either. Tom Hiddleston has hinted in a myriad of interviews that we could see Loki with Thor (Chris Hemsworth) again. He has talked about other Loki stories on the horizon.

So I just can’t give up hope that Loki and Mobius might once again be sitting across the table from each other. My heart can’t possibly write off a future where these two are talking about what is on their mind, where Loki is fixing himself up to talk to Mobius into whatever plan he’s working on.

Currently, this quote insinuates that we won’t see Mobius and Loki together in the future. Personally? I interpret it to mean we won’t see that Mobius and Loki in the future, but that doesn’t mean their shared past will be the same. I just hope that isn’t the end of these two as a whole because there is just so much more to explore with them, at least in my imagination.

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