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Vox Media’s Gaming Site Coming Together, More Names Join Christ Grant and the McElroy Brothers


Not too long ago, three of Joystiq’s top editors left to found a new gaming site under the Vox Media umbrella. Following that, Kotaku’s editor-in-chief, Brian Crecente, departed his site as well. Now, along with a few other names the games journalism industry is sure to recognize, the new team has come together under Vox Media’s new gaming site (currently unnamed) throwing their hat into the games journalist ring, not only promising fresh content, but as Justin McElroy put it, offering a site that’s “as fun to play with as it is to read.” Currently, the site doesn’t exist, and they’re posting under The Verge banner until it does.

Along with Christ Grant, Justin and Griffin McElroy, and Brian Crecente, the Vox team has added former editor-in-chief of The Escapist Russ Pitts, New York-based games journalist Chris Plante, Russ Frushtick of MTV News, and Arthur Gies, formerly of Joystiq, as well as cohost of the Rebel FM podcast. Having poached a bunch of recognizable names, that happened to be attached to entertaining, well-spoken games journalists, the new Vox games site looks promising.

Grant and Crecente stated the technology Vox employs is a big reason as to why they decided to start the new site, allowing the new team to have more visual control and flexibility over it. As Business Insider points out, the model used for creating the new Vox games team — poaching recognizable journalists — has worked for Vox’s other site, as The Verge launched with a group writers from Engadget, including Engadget’s former editor-in-chief Josh Topolsky and managing editor Nilay Patel.

Until the new site is running (and has an official name), we can check with The Verge to see how the new team’s content is shaping up.

(via Justin McElroy)

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