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Video Game Retailers Rate Best at Not Selling Mature Games to Minors

As the result of a recent undercover shopper study, the Federal Trade Commission has declared video game retailers the best at not selling mature-rated content to minors. The FTC found that only 13% of minors were able to purchase content rated Mature (ages 17 and up) by the ESRB. Of the games retailers secretly shopped, GameStop performed the best, only allowing 8% of minors to purchase an M-rated game, with Target second at 9% and KMart third at 10%.

Compared to other forms of media, such as movies and music, the video game retailers did an even better job: The FTC found that 33% of minors were able to buy an R-rated movie, 38% were able to rent an R-rated movie, and 68% were able to buy music with a parental advisory warning label.

(USA Today via GamesRadar)

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