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Job Interviews May Soon Use Video Games to Judge Applicants’ Strengths

We are going to get soooo many jobs, you guys.



Finding and applying for jobs has become a largely Internet-based activity, but most businesses are still stuck evaluating their potential employees in person like they live in the 1700s. Luckily, that may soon change, because a few companies are looking to create video games that will help remotely gauge applicants’ job aptitude.

With some companies’ hiring processes going as long as 29 days according to The New York Times, a way to cheaply and remotely test applicants’ skills would cut down on a lot of time and effort for everyone. Aside from that, collecting data about applicants through games gives those doing the hiring something concrete to look at instead of going off of impressions and gut feelings.

Unfortunately, they’re still not going to be hiring you for your expertise in ZeldaFinal Fantasy, or Halo (and if someone does, don’t ever, ever let that job go). Companies like Knack are creating specialized games like their Wasabi Waiter that will assess qualities like creativity, multitasking, and focus. It’ll probably teach you about being a sushi restaurant waiter, too, if you need a backup plan when you don’t get the job.

Still, playing regular video games couldn’t hurt, since some of the skills are likely to transfer over and skew the odds in gamers’ favor. I can’t wait to live in a world where my gaming skills are useful job search tools. Will unemployment seminars start teaching courses in gaming? Will the world be run by potty-mouthed adolescents? Looks like we’ll find out soon enough.

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