Alias‘ Spy Daddy Is Sleepy Hollow‘s Ichabod Crane Sr.

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John Noble. James Frain. Amandla Stenberg. And now Victor Garber. Sleepy Hollow won’t be having with any sub-par guest stars, thank you very much. (Also John Cho, but he is not a guest star. He is ~*~John Cho~*~.)

In a previous episode we heard Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) wax nostalgic about his Oxford professor dad. Now we know that we’ll see him, and he’ll be Spy Daddy Victor Garber. Hopefully he’s a better pop to Ichabod than he was to Sydney. There’s no word yet on when Mr. Silver Fox will appear, though it’s possible that it won’t be until season two, seeing as there are only four episodes left in season one. Sob. Then Teen Wolf will start back up and I’ll have to switch from being pleasantly surprised by a show I didn’t expect to be good to being disappointed by a show that used to be good but has since taken a turn for the “WTF is going on here? Jeff Davis, you are not a gift.”

Ahem. I’m not bitter.

According to E! Garber has signed on for one episode, with the option to appear in more.

With this casting it’s looking like we might get some pre-colonial Ichabod backstory. But that would take place before Ichabod learned about demons, Witnesses, and the glory of BFF General Washington. What happened that early that would have an impact on the larger story? I’m calling it: Ichabod’s not a Witness. He’s something else, and Spy Imperialist Daddy has something to do with it.

If that theory is borne out of a deep desire to see the Mills sisters be the two Witnesses… well, can you blame me? Mills sisters. I’m waiting to see what sort of badassery they’ll get up to when the show returns from its mini-hiatus next Monday. FYI, John Noble will be back. Here’s the teaser.

(via: TVLine)

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