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The Vibrella Is Not Real

Thing That Might Have to Exist


Of all the things that had to be a prank today! A product currently featured on Babeland’s site, the Vibrella, is not actually real. From the site:

“[W]hat appears to onlookers as an ordinary (albeit attractive!) umbrella is actually a waterproof vibrator that records and stores the vibrations from falling rain. You can detach the vibrating handle to use at home later, experiencing nature’s vibrations in all their thunderous glory.”

Which is actually a tad more plausible as an April Fools joke than a vibrator you could use while waiting for the bus. Sure, Babeland sells a tiny vibe that masquerades as a tube of lipstick, but you probably wouldn’t whip it out in public unless getting arrested is your thang.

On the other hand, recording vibrations is actually technically possible, so does that mean it could become a reality? (Rain sex!) Okay, maybe not. The real question is, is the store going to start selling these as regular umbrellas?

(Babeland via Gizmodo)

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