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This Supercut of Very Special Episodes Will Save Your Life, Make You Uncomfortable [Video]

It's A World of Laughter A World of Tears

Okay, here’s the deal with this video. It’s a collection of “very special” moments from “very special” episodes of some of our favorite TV shows that were meant to teach us about the important issues in life. Such episodes were never very good, were preachy and embarrassing, and usually happened on sitcoms — which are comedies from which we are supposed to learn nothing. But they did it anyway. And seeing clips from those episodes out of context is much more uncomfortable than educational. Also: there’s nothing more awkward than the 90s. Whether it was cancer on Home Improvement, drugs on Saved by the Bell, drugs and racism on Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Urkel getting drunk on Family Matters … You’re not going to want a hug when this is over. You’re going to want everyone to just leave you alone and not bother you about their problems.

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Okay, want to see puppies? There are puppies after the jump.

Here is a corgi puppy stampede:

Here is a golden retriever puppy falling asleep:

And here is a pomeranian puppy trying to get over a step, not realizing it can probably jump. It’s a very special episode of Puppy Does a Thing, but it has a happy ending and it is a story of triumph rather than tragedy.

Okay. Now we all feel better.

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