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Report: Verizon Having Vacation Blackout September 21, iPhone 5 Imminent

We’ve previously seen reports that Apple will be holding a conference on September 12 to introduce the next iPhone and a new, smaller version of the iPad. TechCrunch is reporting that a source within Verizon has confirmed that Verizon will be employing a vacation blackout for all employees starting September 21, and running through September 30. No, Verizon didn’t suddenly become a terrible place to work that revokes standard vacation time, but rather, they’re most likely preparing for the launch of the next iPhone.

Previous reports have said that Apple will be launching the next iPhone (though we still don’t have an official name for it) on September 21, following an announcement conference on September 12. Obviously, when a new iPhone hits, it’s kind of a big deal and stores are usually hammered with customers. When the iPhone 4S launched instead of the iPhone 5, people were pretty disappointed, but then the iPhone 4S set the single day pre-order record anyway. So, if a disappointment could set a single day pre-order record, imagine what would happen with the phone people were waiting for all along and won’t be disappointed by. Thus, if the Verizon source is correct about the vacation blackout, and coupled with the previous reports of the next iPhone’s launch, it would be fair to assume the next iPhone will coincide with said vacation blackout. You wouldn’t want your front lines undermanned during an enormous product launch, after all.

Apple is rumored to be holding a conference to announce the next iPhone and iPad on September 12, so we don’t have to wait too much longer to see if those rumors are true, whereas Verizon employees reportedly don’t have to wait too much longer to have no escape from their workplace.

(via TechCrunch)

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