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Venture Bros. Duo Asked About New Season; Talk Exclusively About Slash Fanfiction

This Makes Sense

io9 interviewed Jackson Publick (Christopher McCulloch) and (Eric A.) “Doc” Hammer intending, presumably, to wring details about the upcoming new season of The Venture Bros. out of them, and here’s what they found out:

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What can we expect from the VB short that’s coming out this summer?

Doc Hammer: We can’t really say that much about it, but it’s a documentary of sorts.

And then they spent the rest of the interview talking about the duo’s views on slash fanfiction about themselves and their characters.

No, really, it’s kind of awesome.

On slash in general:

Doc Hammer:

Jackson’s offended by it, I think it’s the best thing in the world, and I’ll tell you why. Slash kind of started with Kirk and Spock getting it on. To be part of a fan lineage that includes Star Trek — a show that was made by the interrelationships with the fans — is the most flattering and heartwarming thing. And if my heart is warmed by the most vile pornography of characters that we created, then I am a monster. But for some reason I find it charming.

On real person slash based on the two of them:

Doc Hammer: Now I was offended by that because I was made the submissive based on the fact of my build…

Jackson Publick: We took turns in that one.

Doc: Yeah, there was a lot of love and cupping. A lot of slash includes cuddling. I’m actually charmed by it because a fan loved something so much they needed to see it procreate…that’s kind of beautiful. I know it’s horrifying and grisly, but I think it’s a high compliment.

Jackson: I just wanted it to be better art. I want to see Milo Manara do mine.

Doc: We’ve seen well-colored, well-rendered pornography with our characters. We can’t believe how much time people put in to making these people fuck.

And in conclusion?

Doc Hammer: Don’t be swayed by the pornography not generated by us. The deep characterization that wants to make people see our characters have sex was generated by us. And hey, if that [pornography] increases your interest in the show, good!

Read the whole interview at i09.

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