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Three Scenarios For My Valentine’s Date With Idris Elba to Support Girls’ Education



Listen, Idris, you don’t have to impress me. I’d let you be my Valentine without you having to do anything for it. But you just can’t help being socially conscious AF, can you? *sigh* Well, I’ll tell you something right here and now, Mr. Elba…nothing gets me hotter than raising money for girls’ education.

Omaze is at it again. This time, they’ve partnered with Idris Elba to offer a unique experience in the name of educating girls in Africa. W.E (Women Everywhere) Can Lead is an organization that aims to ensure “young girls receive the educational opportunity, leadership development and mentoring support necessary to become the new generation of female leaders across the continent of Africa.” If you donate to the organization through Omaze, you will be entered to win several amazing prizes including…a Valentine’s dinner with Idris Elba. That is not a typo. Check out this description from the site:

Idris Elba needs a Valentine and he thinks you’re just his type. No, this isn’t a dream. Pinch yourself if you don’t believe us. You (and a guest, if that’s your thing) will join Idris for a candle-lit meal at one of his favorite restaurants, where you’ll enjoy delicious conversation and great food. You can talk about anything you want to: movies, music, your deepest desires. Idris is a great listener. He’s also a great talker. He’s pretty much great at everything. I mean, have you seen Luther? We’re just over here pretending not to be bitter.

Whaaaat? Do you even know the can of worms you are opening up right now, Omaze? DO YOU? Well, not only do I plan on giving WE Can Lead soooo much money, but I’m already planning what Idris and I (and yes, we’re already on a first-name basis in my head) are gonna do on our date:


1) The Luther Experience

We meet up for dinner, but all isn’t what it seems, as he realizes that I’m the criminal he’s been pursuing this whole time. In a verbal game of cat-and-mouse over dessert, he tries to get me to divulge what I know…but I’m onto all of his tricks. With dessert finished and the check called for, it looks as though he’s going to have to take me elsewhere to interrogate the living bejeezus out of me. Because he’s very, very devoted to his work.


2) The Kaiju Experience

In a world overrun with Kaiju, it’s a wonder we could carve out the time to have dinner at all. I suppose we have to find the moments that remind us of our humanity when we can. He’s worried about his adoptive daughter, and I’m worried about having lost my partner in the Jaeger. It’s over a candlelit dinner, however, that we realize that all we really need is each other. “We can fight them together,” he says. “Tomorrow.” He may be cancelling the Apocalypse, but Valentine’s Day remains in full effect, and an effective neural bridge between us can be useful for plenty of things other than piloting a mecha.


3) The Dark Tower Experience

“The Woman in the Little Black Dress ran across the restaurant and to her suite at the four-star hotel, and the Gunslinger followed.”

Oh, are you, Idris? ARE YOU?!

Oh, are you, Idris? ARE YOU?!

Okay, okay. Perhaps I’m getting a little carried away. This is what charity does to me, people. It makes me turn my life into fan fiction.

But seriously, though. Great cause, and a chance to have a dinner for two (because seriously, are you gonna bring a friend? I mean, really. No one is that charitable!) with an amazing dining companion. There’s also prizes like this, which I desperately feel the need to own:


So, head on over to Omaze and give until you’re blue in the face! And if you happen to win instead of me, I totally wouldn’t blame you for not letting me tag along. But I’ll have you know I make an excellent “plus one,” if you know what I mean. (But do I know what I mean? I’m so confused…)

(featured image via Omaze)

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