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The Unofficial Twitter Account of Big Ben is Ridiculous

London’s iconic clock tower, Big Ben, has an unofficial Twitter account. Like other novelty Twitter accounts that exist solely for comedy purposes, the reason for this Big Ben account’s existence is just that — a joke. The only thing is, whereas other novelty accounts stay fresh with their humor, @big_ben_clock only says “BONG.” In most scenarios, even if the account’s owner is bonging on the correct time, most followers wouldn’t receive the bonging at the exact correct moment, due to Twitter’s somewhat slow rate of updates.

So, an unofficial Twitter account that only says “BONG.” Maybe worthy of a chuckle, but the thing is, as of this moment, the account has sent out 14,749 tweets and has — get ready — 114,535 followers. There are 114,535 people in the world who want to see a bunch of “BONG” spam and can’t even use it to tell the exact time.

(via reddit)

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