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Uncanny X-Men Cancelled As of September

Mutatis Mutandis

So yeah, that DC reboot, crazy stuff, amirite? Only one Batman! Women wearing pants! Popped collars left and right!

But did you know that there are other comic book companies too? And that they might want our attention focused on their big end of summer event and promise us that nothing will ever be the same and that if we don’t buy into it now we’ll NEVER find out what happened and we’ll be BEHIND andohgod —

Well, Marvel has announced that they are canceling Uncanny X-Men, the traditional flagship title of the X-Men. September’s issue, #544, will be the last.

Uncanny, the introductory title of the X-Men, has run almost continuously since 1963. The cover for September’s issue (above) is an homage to the original team lineup: Jean Grey before the Phoenix Force, Beast before he turned blue, and Angel and Iceman before they became second stringers. Currently, the Schism event is working its way through the X-Men books, and it’s likely that Uncanny will be replaced by another X-Men title come October.

As Bleeding Cool points out, Marvel has announced the title’s cancellation and released it’s cover more than a month ahead of the usual schedule, which makes it very difficult to view the announcement as anything other than a response to DC’s Flashboot, which has been dominating the comics news cycle for about a week and a half, now.

(via Bleeding Cool.)

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