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Something to Look Forward to: Una the Blade, Single Mother Barbarian

Buckle Buckle Swash Swash

Steve LeCouilliard‘s upcoming webcomic Una the Blade was brought to our attention by Comics Beat this morning, and we’re impressed and intrigued by this Lone Wolf and Cub story that stole Red Sonja‘s clothes. Una is a barbarian warrior trying to find her way back to her homeland, but she’s neither the maiden nor the crone of this story. This hero is a single mother with two toddlers to deflect arrows away from.

LeCouilliard has been posting a picture a day to tumblr in the lead up to the comic’s debut, and color us interested. Have I mentioned that I’m a sucker for women warriors who are solidly built instead of like celery?

Michael Birkhofer has been doing some coloring for the comic, and so you can see a sample of it at his DeviantArt, here. Here’s a one page Una comic from LeCouilliard’s own DA in which Una realizes that, in accordance with the usual fantasy tropes, the “jewel” of the tower is actually a woman waiting to have sex with the hero. Look, she’s got a kid on the way and needs the money. Here’s another of an older Una with her teenage daughter.


It looks like she rides what can only be described as a large capybara with a giant horn coming out of its head. Apparently it’s supposed to be a unicorn. Understand that this is delightful.

(Pics from Una the Blade via Comics Beat.)

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