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Season Three of ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Has a Release Date (And It’s Soon!)

Klaus (and his cowboy hat) are back!

The Umbrella Academy cast in season 2

If you love The Umbrella Academy on Netflix, you know that the gap from season two to season three has been very, very long. Season two came out way back in the summer of 2020 (haven’t we all aged a thousand years since then?). And in the interim, only a few posters and short animated trailers have given us any clues about the next season. But now, there’s an end to the wait in sight!

What happened last season?

Most of season two saw the Hargreeves siblings trapped in Dallas, Texas during the early 1960s. See, after avoiding one apocalyptic event in season one, the family became displaced in time. And that predicament upset history—threatening another world-ending catastrophe. Luckily, the siblings fixed their messes before it was too late, and they traveled back home. Only to find that their home wasn’t theirs to go to anymore. The Umbrella Academy was now filled with a new group of supercharged siblings, the Sparrow Academy, leaving us to wonder what would happen next.

Thankfully, it doesn’t look like the new season will keep us in suspense for too long (at least on that front!). A teaser trailer picks up right where season two left off. In it, the Umbrella siblings stare down the new team—which includes a still-living version of their brother, Ben. Quick, tense flashes of all the familiar faces, evaluating their competition (and limited information on the new team and their powers) are the only glimpses into the new season we have so far. It leaves us all guessing if the Sparrows will be friends or foes to the beloved Umbrella fam.

So, when does season three drop?

Netflix announced the new season of The Umbrella Academy will stream on June 22nd, 2022, bringing back the familiar team and their alternate universe siblings, the Sparrow Academy. You can watch the trailer below to start guessing what might be in store. But one thing’s for certain, the Hargreeves (as flawed as they are) have all found places in the hearts of fans. So, it’s hard to believe that all the new Hargreeves could be bad. However, no one can compete with Klaus for the favorite kid, so they shouldn’t even try.

All ten episodes of season three will be available on Netflix at once. I know I’ve already cleared my schedule and plan on binging the entire season as soon as humanly possible. Who needs sleep when you have The Umbrella Academy?

 (Via Netflix, feature image: Netflix)

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