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Uguard Resin Skin Lets Your iPhone Cling to Glass

There are plenty of iPhone cases out there that boast some impressive features. We’ve got bulletproof iPhone cases, and self-defense iPhone cases that work well, and some that probably don’t. But how about an iPhone case that lets you mount your device on the nearest glass surfaces for, uh, whatever you might want to do that for? That’s what the Uguard Resin Skin can do. With the power of resin, the Uguard skin can temporarily mount your iPhone to a window like a gecko, no residue, no sticky stuff.

There’s one catch; by virtue of being easy to remove, an iPhone mounted with the Uguard skin is pretty easy to remove. In other words, this adhesion, while neat, is neither permanent or something to rely on too heavily. Your device will stick for a few minutes while you accomplish whatever thing it is you stuck it in order to accomplish, but if you walk away your phone might make an unauthorized rendezvous with the floor, and the Uguard skin doesn’t appear to provide much in the way of fall protection.

Still, it’s a neat gimmick and is bound to be useful if you really put your mind to it. The Uguard skins are available in a variety of colors and for the pretty reasonable price of about $20 at the company’s website. So, if for some reason, you see yourself attempting to affix your iPhone to a glass surface sometime soon, this might be right for you. If you don’t, there are plenty of other cases out there.

(Digital Trends via Technabob)


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