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The Consequences of Safe Driving

In Which We Make A Terrible Pun

For most of my teenage years there was only one person in my family with a driver’s license, and he worked a full time job with a forty minute commute, at least. Which is to say that I got very, very accustomed to making my way around a suburban town with mediocre mass transit sans car. This involved a walking (which I hate), biking (which I hate somewhat less), bumming rides from friends who would go ten minutes out of their way to get me home, and, on occasion, calling cabs.

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So, as a long time pedestrian and bike rider, I urge you to take this PSA, made by the comedy group The UCB Midnight Show, very, very seriously.

It could save a Reich. I mean life. Why did I say Reich? That was weird.

(via Wired.)

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