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Ubisoft’s Child of Light Looks Stunning and Amazing, Must Play Immediately

Seriously, is it 2014 yet? We need this beautiful JRPG co-op in our lives.

CoL Feature

Montreal-based Ubisoft announced a bunch of new downloadable titles at Digital Days, but nothing caught our eye quite like Child of Light. A love-letter to 16-bit JRPGs like Chrono Trigger, Child of Light is built using the UbiArt Framework (the same tool used for Rayman Origins), by the same creative team behind Far Cry 3.

And it. Looks. Amazing.

Child of Light follows Aurora, a sick child who finds her soul transported to the magical kingdom of Lemuria. Tasked with finding the sources of light and defeating the evil Black Queen, Aurora is equipped with both magic and an epic sword. Accompanied by Igniculus, a helpful ball of light who can be controlled by a second player, the game uses Far Cry 3′s skill tree and a turn-based combat system for a true RPG feel.

Writers at Kotaku and IGN are already praising the game, and it’s easy to see why. A beautiful co-op JRPG, with an adorable child in the lead (and her a rare female protagonist, too?) Sold.

Child of Light is coming to your PC, Wii U, Xbox One/360, or Playstation 3/4 in 2014. Can’t wait.

(via Ubiblog & Kotaku, image via Ubisoft)

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