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Things We Saw Today: John Wick 3 Earns the Franchise a Deadly $182 Million


Keanu Reeves and Anjelica Huston in John Wick- Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019).

The John Wick franchise has just crossed another milestone with its third installment, Parabellum, becoming the highest grossing film in the franchise taking home a worldwide total of $182 million according to Collider. Parabellum was the most expensive of the Wick films to date with a budget of $75 million, in comparison to the 20–30 million for the first and 40 million for the second, but considering both films doubled their budget, it was a safe bet that the Wick fever was worth the increase. Plus Halle Berry.

I loved Parabellum a lot and found it both a deeply rewarding film as an action piece, but also super compelling in how it managed to be a fantastically diverse film that doesn’t skimp on the bloodshed and action. A fourth Wick film is set to arrive on May 21, 2021 and I can not wait to see how they attempt to top this next one.

Just bring back Halle Berry, please cause woof on so many levels.
Halle Berry Sofia John Wick the Puppy Princess
(via Collider, image: Lionsgate)

  • Presidental candidate Kamala Harris is planning to announce a Reproductive Rights Act that mimics the Voting Rights Act of 1965, “forcing states with a history of violating abortion rights to clear any new abortion restrictions with the Department of Justice.” (via Buzzfeed News)
  • Some disgusting person leaked a topless picture of rapper Iggy Azalea from a photoshoot years back. Another woman violated and we are engaged. (via Yahoo News)
  • Finally good news:

  • Jessica Jones is the last Netflix MCU show standing and you can get look at what is coming next. (via Yahoo News)
  • Any trans-identified person who cannot afford or safely obtain a chest binder may apply for one, 100% for free, via Point of Pride! (via Point 5cc)
  • Trump bringing up the 1994 crime bill on served to remind us all of his comments on the now acquitted Central Park Five from back then when he called to give them the death penalty. (via Twitter)

Those Tuesdays after a three-day weekend are killer.

Fiona Gallagher crying over the shitty things her family put her through

(image: Showtime)

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