Two Women Decide To Do Entire Olympics By Themselves, Make Us All Feel Lazy

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What should we do today, buddy? Oh, I don’t know, how about all 114 female Olympic events?

Old friends Eleanor Farrow and Sarah Clementson really enjoyed watching the 2012 London Olympic games, and not in a hey-Michael-Phelps-has-big-ears-pass-the-popcorn kind of way. They were so into the games that they decided four years was too long to wait for the next summer Olympics to roll around and that they were going to take matters into their own hands. Say the pair of women:

“Much like the rest of the country, we were gripped by Olympic fever during the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games, and were left feeling more than a little deflated when they finished.
And so a plan was hatched. Why don’t we have a go at every women’s Olympic event before Rio starts in 2016? That gives us four years to complete 114 events. That’s only 28.5 events a year. Easy.”

The sports available to female athletes in the summer Olympics range from the familiar, such as basketball and sprinting, to the more obscure, like wrestling and shooting. The duo has already plowed their way through  31 events and are still going strong, chronicling the experience on a personal blog. According to Eleanor, it has been nothing but fun:

“…It’s ultimately the people who make it great. They really want others to enjoy their sport, and so far there isn’t anything we haven’t.”

The duo hopes to complete their challenge by 2016 when the summer Olympics in Rio kick off, and so far they’re on track to meet their goal. Not bad for two ladies who call themselves not “the most natural of sports women.” Man, I’m lucky if I get to the gym… ever. Someone needs to get these women for the Avengers Initiative because I’m pretty sure they’re superheroes. Either that or make an inspirational sports movie where they get real gold medals at the end while dramatic music plays.

(via: Hypervocal, Essex Chronicle)

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