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ICYMI, We Got Two New Deadpool Trailers Yesterday

Well... one's more family-friendly and one is definitely more Deadpool.

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You might not have been on the Internet much yesterday–but if you had a chance to glance in its direction for a hot minute you would have discovered that we were rewarded with the holiday gift of not just one, but two versions of the newest Deadpool trailer. We get more sass, more explosions and definitely way more shots of Deadpool’s derriere in red spandex.

And of course, in typical Deadpool fashion, while there is definitely a tamer version of the trailer below, you can also watch the red-band version that’s laden with a lot more F-bombs if you’re not around any young ears.

I for one am extremely excited to see more shots of Gina Carano in action as Angel Dust, and watching Deadpool take out the bad guys to the sounds of Salt-N-Pepa (not to mention snarking with Colossus) will never not put a smile on my face. We’re creeping closer to this movie’s February 12th release date all the time, and I am choosing to stay on the side of optimism as of right now. What do you think of the newest trailer(s)?

(via Comic Book Resources, image via YouTube)

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