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Cat Attacked by Stoat Gets a Lesson in What Being Attacked by a Cat is Like for Us

Dear cats all over the world, please consider this a public service announcement. What you see right here — a cat being terrorized by a stoat that seemingly has the power to be in all places simultaneously — is what it feels like every time you get the midnight crazies and decide to treat the humans who feed, shelter, and (occasionally, during ill-advised bouts of misplaced affection) clothe you as if we are prey. We don’t know what’s going on, and it’s all happening at once, and it’s just utterly terrifying and confusing.

Any cat owner has had this experience at least a couple of times. You’re minding your own business, having a bite to eat or watching some TV, and then BAM — you’re suddenly in the world’s tiniest, furriest, pointiest headlock. And then it’s just gone! Like it might have never happened. Like you might have thrown your fork across the room like a crazy person for no reason at all. But before you even have time to question your sanity, your foot, which was just sitting there, is now in a wrestling match with six pound of bitey fluff whose eyes tell you one thing and one thing only — that this creature is your death.

I’m a cat-lover, but it’s my fond hope that some cats will see this and chill the hell out, because getting attacked by a creature much smaller, faster, and nimbler than you is no fun for anyone. Well, it’s at least not fun for the party being attacked. I mean, really, that stoat looks like it’s having a whale of a time.

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